One of my top favorite quotes is “Patience is passion tamed”, which is my personal inspiration every time I face boredom, disappointment and even failure in the path that I have chosen.

Most days of the year are unexciting and unremarkable and sometimes it is just so difficult to maintain your motivation and keep your long-term plan and goal on track. That is, say in short, difficult to be patient, to be consistent and always ‘hungry’ enough to follow your dream and passion.  Thus, it would absolutely be a good idea to jot down all little achievement and experience that I conquer during my good and bad days so that later on, I can see how far I have gone and keep on reaching the long-term goal.

I create this blog to share my passion in technical stuffs (computer, programming…), some knowledge and experience in my field so far (computer vision and image processing), my number-one hobby (football) and all other aspects of my life, which I think would matter for many young 20-s like me (love, travel, passion, career…).

So… I do hope that this blogging project can last long and help me to ‘tame my passion’ (and hopefully help some others to do so as well).

Happy blogging!!!




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